Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The John T. Pratt Residence

The John Teele Pratt residence designed by Charles A. Platt c. 1915 on East 61st Street in New York City. Click HERE to see John Teele Pratt's Long Island estate by Charles Platt in Glen Cove. The city residence in no longer standing, replaced with a courtyard for a modern apartment building.

Photos from Architecture, 1917.


archibuff said...

Elegant interiors. Hopefully one day you can post the fine collection of city homes that the entire Pratt family built, not in Manhattan, but in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. I think 5 siblings all had homes built by the elder Pratt as gifts and they were adjacent to one another, everyone living as close to each other as they did on their estates in Glen Cove. Happily 4 of the 5 homes are extant.

Old Grey Dog said...

I second that motion !