Friday, December 30, 2011


'Westomere', the George S. Palmer estate designed by Charles A. Platt c. 1908 in New London, Connecticut. Palmer was a principal in Palmer Brothers, manufacturers of bed linens and cotton goods and a well known antiques collector who donated many pieces to the American Wing of the MET (along with his cousin Eugene Bolles). The home was based on Westover Plantation in Charles City County, Virginia. 'Westomere' was listed number 9 on Country Life in America's 1916 'Best Twelve Country Houses in America' list. Click HERE for the Country Life in America article on 'Westomere' (includes many more pictures). The home is no longer extant.

Photos from Architecture, 1912.


ArchitectDesign™ said...

I love the simple plan here -and even the drawing page layout is simple. That seems so modern that I can barely believe it to be 1912!

Anonymous said...

Very comfortable and elegant...I'm not shocked it's gone... modern Americans simply have no taste whats-so-ever.