Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Chicago Northwestern Passenger Terminal

The Chicago Northwestern Passenger Terminal designed by Frost & Granger c. 1911 on Madison Street in Chicago, Illinois. The station was built by the Chicago and North Western Railway to replace their Wells Street Station. In 1984 much of the original station was demolished and rebuilt as the Ogilvie Transportation Center. Click HERE for another exterior shot from the Library of Congress.

Photos from Architects' and Builders' Magazine, 1911.


The Down East Dilettante said...

Airline terminals could take a lesson

Patricia said...

I may be imagining this, but the stairway photo reminded me of the stairway scene from the movie The Untouchables... I wonder if the film makers would have gone to the trouble to recreate that staircase or if one staircase in a grand railroad station looks just like another.

Also, I love the Ladies Waiting Roon with the odd scattering of rocking chairs. Very odd room.

Anonymous said...

The Untouchables used the stairway in Union Station in Chicago.