Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Peter W. Rouss Residence

The Peter Winchester Rouss residence designed by William J. Dilthey c. 1910 at 320 Garfield Place off of Prospect Park West in Brooklyn, New York. Rouss was the son of Charles Baltzell 'Broadway' Rouss, wholesaler of dry goods. P.W. Rouss became president of Charles Broadway Rouss, Inc. following the death of his father in 1902 and held the post for over two decades. The residence has since been demolished.

Photos from Architects' and Builders' Magazine, 1910.


Brian said...

Wow, that is an extravagantly ugly residence with the scale, proportion and charm of an Elks Club. I'm not sorry to see this one was torn down.

Doug Floor Plan said...

The billiard room is huge for a billiard room; & then it occurred to me that the billiard room is probably directly below the drawing room & is allocated the same square footage. If so that’s an odd allocation of space & I suspect reflects a lack of imagination; just as the stair case is repetitive between the ground & parlor floors.

The Down East Dilettante said...

Baby Carnegie Mansion

The Down East Dilettante said...

Why is a large billiard room an odd allocation of space? It's equally possible that the owners wanted it large for use as a family room, extra entertaining, etc.

(And don't most staircases tend to be repetitive between floors? It's the nature of the beast)