Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Richard H. Depew Residence

The Richard Henry Depew residence designed by Tracy & Swartwout c. 1900 in Plainfield, New Jersey. Depew was president of the insurance brokerage firm of Abraham S. See & Depew which was founded in 1857 by his grandfather. R.H. Depew became president at age 23 and held the post for 55 years. He died at age 78 in his apartment at the Hotel Biltmore. It is unknown if the house is extant.

Photos from Architects' & Builders' Magazine, 1901.


The Ancient said...

There's some indication the house was at 1019 Hillside Avenue. (That's the address RHD Jr gave when he enlisted in WWI.)

If that's right, it's gone.

BTW, Depew the younger decided he wanted nothing to do with the business of his ancestors --


Zach L. said...

Depew Jr. has quite the resume. A certified pilot by age 19 in 1911 is quite impressive.

Interesting to see that in 1929, while in mid-flight on his way to Cleveland with a passenger, a storm forced them to jump from 11,000 feet.

I can hear the conversation now...

"Dick...do we really need to bring the parachutes?"

"Of course! What if it rains? You know we'll have to jump out of the airplane in the middle of a storm from 2 miles high right?"

"Sure Dick...sure".