Friday, January 20, 2012

Some C.P.H. Gilbert Townhouses

A selection of New York City townhouses designed by C.P.H. Gilbert, all built before 1900. Above, the Converse residence at 3 East 78th Street designed between 1897-1899. Click HERE to see the residence on google street view.

Above, No. 3 Riverside Drive built for Philip Kleeberg c. 1896. Click HERE to see the residence on google street view.

Above, 316 West 75th Street. Click HERE to see the residence on google street view.

The residences at the corner of West 75th Street and Riverside Drive. Click HERE to see the homes on google street view.


archibuff said...

Ahhh more CPH Gilbert. Round two? I think Gilbert built some of NY's best townhouses that were both GOOD and GRAND & GRAND and GOOD!!!

I think he hit his stride with the French Gothic style, showcased in the FW Woolworths own townhouse on 5th Ave, the spectacular Flethcher-Sinclair home, the Warburgs mansion and the ones featured here like the Kleeberg and Converse homes. The lacy pinnacles, dormers and asymetrical rooflines were especially prominent when he had a corner lot to work with. That being said, I think his townhouse for Delamar on Madison Ave might be his best work in NYC. IMO. Thanks for showcasing some of the lesser known townhomes from this underrated architect. Plus anyone who gave us Pembroke cant be that bad at all. Now the naysayers may ring in.

The Devoted Classicist said...

Another, later, townhouse at 22 E 71st Street is currently for sale. It is one I have featured on my current blog posting.

The Down East Dilettante said...


archibuff said...

Thnx DC. $50 million reduced from $75.....I smell a bargain in the NYC real estate market.

A Sigh? that the sound of a towel hitting the canvas?

I know, someone made a new years resolution to let CPH lie in peace, so maybe there might be a possible future post on David Adler? Someone will be very happy.

The Down East Dilettante said...

No Archiburr., actually since I'm supposed to be completing a chapter a week, I'm sticking to Word 2010 today. But don't let that lull you into complacency. When I break, I've got comments to make on each house. Some of them are even quite positive. And some are not. But in the meantime, that bottom house with the corner bulge is one that only an architect's mother could love...