Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Hotel Chatham

The Hotel Chatham designed by Warren & Wetmore c. 1916 at Vanderbilt Avenue between East 48th and 49th Streets in New York City. The hotel has since been demolished.

Photos from Architecture & Building, 1917.


The Ancient said...

Vanderbilt Avenue now deadends northward at 47th Street. Yet the address for this place is repeatedly given in contemporary accounts as Vanderbilt and 48th, and the picture above says between 48th and 49th.

What happened? Did Vanderbilt used to extend further north?

Zach L. said...


Ann said...

Vanderbilt Ave, the shortest of them all! The only landmark I really remember now on V Ave. is the Yale Club.

The Ancient said...

Zach --


P.S. Better not let Bloomberg see this or he'll start getting ideas.

Zach L. said...

It's odd there is almost nothing on this hotel to be found in Google. So much so that if you google the term 'Hotel Chatham Warren & Wetmore', Beyond the Gilded Age is the first and second result returned.

A 1930 NYTimes article on the 'modernization' of the hotel is a mere three sentences long.

Must have been a stinker.

The Down East Dilettante said...

Gotta love a hotel with an olde Englishe long gallery

Tip Deegan said...

Was used by Bobby Kennedy as his campaign HQ in his 1964
Senate campaign. We had three stacked suites with an internal stairway for the press, scheduling and, in the top suite, his two speech writers, Adam Walinski and Peter Edelman.