Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Arthur Curtiss James Residence

 The Arthur Curtiss James residence designed by Allen & Collins c. 1914 at 39 East 69th Street in New York City.  Click HERE for more on the the James residence which has since been demolished.

Photos from Architecture, 1917.


archibuff said...

A somewhat strange exterior that contained some of the most fantastic interior spaces. The stonework and wood ornamentation in the great hall, entrance hall and staircase are just magnificent. The solarium is also a very nice idea for an urban dwelling.

The Down East Dilettante said...

A Jacobean prodigy house, Audley without the End, plopped down on Park Avenue. Magnificent interiors. Mr. James without doubt owned two of the most splendidly odd or oddly splendid houses of the era.

Old Grey Dog said...

In the 1960s, a few weeks after acquiring a copy of Augusta Owen Patterson's book, "American Homes of To-Day", and viewing two illustations of the interior, I traveled to New York in order to gaze at the exterior ~ the address being mentioned in one of the captions. Arriving at the site I was crestfallen to discover an apartment buildling ~ much later discovering the James house had been demolished in the 1940s. I visualized most of that material ending up as landfill somewhere, alas ! It was not everyone who could live in a detached residence in that area of town favored by the American Medici !

The Ancient said...

OGD --

I sympathize with your plight.

I once spent two days wandering around Misenum looking for the remains of Marius's villa.

Old Grey Dog said...

Ancient ~ Your words have just led me on a half-hour's diversion of Gaius Marius and Misenum . . . if this keeps up I'll have to retire somewhere for a much-needed rest !!!