Monday, July 16, 2012

The Robert A. Chesebrough Residence

 The Robert A. Chesebrough residence designed by Albert Joseph Bodker c. 1912 at the corner of Madison Avenue and East 71st Street in New York City.  Chesebrough was a chemist and inventor of petroleum jelly which he sold as Vaseline.  The lower two floors have been converted to commercial use but click HERE to see the Chesebrough residence on google street view.  Click HERE for a Christopher Gray Streetscapes article on East 71st Street.

Photos from Architecture, 1912.


The Down East Dilettante said...

Well, that was a surprise---I wasn't expecting the Philadelphia colonial stair hall---the elegance of the facade leads one to expect the usual limestone and bronze stair..

Nice place---must have taken a lot of Vaseline to build it.

Anonymous said...

You have the only photo of a building on upper Madison Avenue,NY on line!!!

I am trying to find a map of Madison Avenue, NY, circa 1912. Or, at the very least, information about how far the avenue extended uptown, and if there were townhouses and/or residences from 60- 90th street. Writing a novel, and can not find any information, photos, or maps.
Would really appreciate if you would email me at alice at alice simpson (one word) dot com.

Thank you.