Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Plaza Hotel

 The Plaza Hotel designed by Henry J. Hardenbergh c. 1907 at 768 Fifth Avenue in New York City.  The hotel was designated a New York City landmark in 1969 and was partially converted to condos between 2005-2008.  Click HERE and HERE for more on the Plaza Hotel.  Click HERE to see the Plaza Hotel on google street view.

Photos from The New York Architect, 1908.


Zach L. said...

When I was a kid we stayed at the Plaza for a weekend. They screwed up our reservation so they upgraded us to one of their fancy suites with a large parlor room and a view overlooking FAO Schwartz.

I sliced my ring finger open on the radiator while looking out the window at the toy store and still have a big scar there to this day. I call it the Plaza scar.

ArchitectDesign™ said...

I remember staying here in 1999 -NOT in a suite -but a charming little room with lots of original details. It was such a treat and a fun location for a tourist. That was my second trip to New York (spring break my sophmore year of college).

The Down East Dilettante said...

The new monolithic black slab south of the Plaza is just about the saddest thing to happen since Penn Station was demolished. Does the city just require no setbacks anymore ever?

Charming stories both, Zach and AD.

From Palm Court to Oak Room to a snowy evening overlooking Central Park from the 8th floor, I just have no bad Plaza memories---ah youth..

Anonymous said...

My uncle was born in the plaza hotel on 7/4/1909
management approached my grandfather to ask if
he would consider his middle name to be
Plaza,since he was the first child born at the hotel!
my grandfather declined the request.

chauncy primm said...

Whitney Warren designed a matching addition to this chateauesque style building which it shared with its neighbors, The Pierre, Sherry-Netherland and the ill-fated Savoy Plaza