Friday, December 14, 2012

The Howard Bayne Estate

 The Howard Bayne estate designed by Alfred C. Bossom c. 1921 in Morristown, New Jersey.  Howard was the son of Samuel G. Bayne, founder and president of the Seaboard National Bank of New York and president of the Security Oil Company.  Howard was vice-president of the Columbia Trust Company.  He held directorships at over a dozen companies and was on the board of the New York Botanical Garden and was treasurer of the American Society for the Control of Cancer and the New York Association for the Blind.  Alfred C. Bossom was married to Bayne's sister Emily (she died in a plane crash in 1932).

Photos from Architecture, 1922.


Anonymous said...

I really,really like this house. Very warm and cozy, a real home.

chauncy primm said...

Perfect Georgian revival house

Anonymous said...

Howard Bayne was my father Bruce Bayne's uncle ..This house was in New Vernon ..I think and was on Village road..It burned and they built the big Stone Georgian up on the hill.All of Alfred's homes were beautiful and the perfect balance of size and space !