Saturday, December 1, 2012

'Villa Blanca'

 'Villa Blanca', the Amory Sibley Carhart estate designed by Trowbridge & Livingston c. 1900 in Tuxedo Park, New York.  Carhart, a financier, was commander of the Military Order of Foreign Wars of the United States.  Following Amory's death in 1912 his widow hired Horace Trumbauer to design 3 East 95th Street in New York City.  The lot next door (No. 5) would sell to Goodhue Livingston in 1914, architect of the Carhart estate in Tuxedo, though he would never build a house on the site.  'Villa Blanca' was demolished in the 1940s.

Photos from Architecture, 1903.


Kellsboro Jack said...

Amory S. Carhart Jr's Warrenton, VA estate (Ashland Farm) almost entirely reworked by William Lawrence Bottomley between 1928 and 1935:

While the Carhart mansion in Tuxedo Park was razed the "ballroom" survived and became an exceedingly fascinating piece of reworked architecture. The NYT's visited it back in 2007 with pictures.

Kellsboro Jack said...

Additionally the building survey of the Ballroom:

Per that document Villa Blanca was destroyed by fire. The Ballroom became a private residence by itself c.1950