Saturday, January 5, 2013

The 'Victory Arch'

The 'Victory Arch', built by Mayor John F. Hylan and designed by Thomas Hastings c. 1919 at Fifth Avenue and 24th Street in New York City to commemorate the city's soldiers and war dead.  Click HERE for a 1919 NYTimes article on the arch's conception.  The arch was constructed of wood and plaster with the intention of eventually being replaced by a permanent structure which never happened.  The 'Victory Arch' was eventually demolished.

Photos from Architecture, 1919.


Anonymous said...

They could even bring majestic nobility to temporary structures back then. Think of all those fairs and exposition buildings. Today we get tents, inflatables and quonset huts> NYarch

The Ancient said...

"Today we get tents, inflatables and quonset huts.."

Architectural fast-food.

(But can you imagine the howls from the modernist, multicultural left if someone did propose something like this? Only the likes of Damien Hirst could get away with it.)