Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Philip B. Jennings Estate

 The Philip B. Jennings estate designed by Harrie Lindeberg c. 1914 in Bennington, Vermont.  Jennings was the owner of the Knickerbocker Watch Company and controller of the Bear Lithia Spring Water Company.  Today the residence operates as the Four Chimneys Inn.  Click HERE to see the residence on bing.

Photos from Architecture, 1915.


Kellsboro Jack said...

The facade is not really the look one expects when you think of Lindeberg, but the rear is very at-typical with the curved mullioned windows.

Off topic, but Penguin Hall in Wenham, MA also designed by Harrie Lindeberg (to be developed as the senior housing project) was just used as Ralph Lauren's photographic setting for his 2013 Fall Collection.

The Ancient said...

Off-topic --

Carnegie Library in Brooklyn threatened -- partly by the NYC building code, and partly by the Americans with Disabilities Act.