Saturday, November 23, 2013

Remembering Stanford White

 Two articles from The Brickbuilder published in December 1906 on Stanford White following his murder the previous June.  The first is titled Stanford White - His Work by C. Howard Walker and the second is Stanford White as those trained in his office knew him with pieces by J. Monroe Hewlett, Francis L.V. Hoppin of Hoppin & Koen, Albert Randolph Ross and Philip Sawyer of York & Sawyer.

The Brickbuilder, 1906.


Anonymous said...

I was lucky to see a set of huge books containing all of Whites works in every detail at the palm Beach Antiques show last year. If I had an extra $9,000 they would have been mine.

Doug Floor Plan said...

It’s difficult for me to imagine people actually spoke the way articles like this were written. How would anyone know when you were finally finished with your thought?

On the last page of this article there is a picture with the caption, “A CITY HOUSE”. That house appears in the September 1906 edition of ‘Architectural Record’ & is identified as the Hollins residence at 12 West 56th Street. The structure is still there, with the entrance reworked to accommodate the retail business on the ground floor now.