Monday, January 13, 2014

The Joseph E. Stevens Residence

 The Joseph Earle Stevens residence designed by Walker & Gillette between 1909-1912 in Tuxedo Park, New York.  In 1898 Stevens published a book titled Yesterdays in the Philippines, click HERE to read a NYTimes review from the same year.  Click HERE to see the Stevens residence on bing.

Photos from Architectural Record, 1912.


Anonymous said...

Front view of "Cannon Hill"

good site for Tuxedo Park houses


Anonymous said...

photo album of Tuxedo Park 1908 -1925
great pics/comments on society/ life etc

JohnM said...

And another rear view from the site:

Kellsboro Jack said...

It was for sale until Jan 2014 for $4.2M, sold Feb 7, 2014 for $3.9M. On 12 acres the tile roof recently had been replaced which I'm sure cost a bundle.

Listing is still up at Sanders